Learning to Live in the Present Moment

We produce a weekly cable show entitled Learning to Live in the Present Moment.

The video below, "The Silent Presence Within," is an exploration of accessing the Silent Presence within and your connection to everything when you are in Presence. We also discuss the role that EFT plays in eliminating all the negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from Presence. Learning to Live in the Present Moment is currently airing on Cablevision and Verizon Fios in Long Island.  If you would like to see more videos from our Center, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Living in the Present Moment Through EFT


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Presence is when you are simply here - now!

When you are present, your mind is naturally silent and still. Once you are present, you realize everything is peaceful, calm, quiet and still. Everything in sight is part of God’s world and becomes more interesting and colorful than you previously noticed. It is a state where all knowing is accessible to you and all fear drops away. It is the Present Moment of Now.

Presence can be experienced by focusing your eyes on something or someone and then opening up your peripheral vision until you can see the entire room all at once. When that is done, something happens within you that is both expansive and mystical. It is beyond description. It is Presence.

Life is actually perfect at all times - except in the judgment of the mind. When we use our ego/mind we start to judge everything including ourselves. That’s when the thought that things didn’t turn out the way we planned will often arise which brings unhappiness, hurt and anger.

However, under all the exterior emotional turmoil lies a quiet and serene silence within you that is untouched by all those mental machinations. It’s the part of you that observes everything and is untouched by anything. Wouldn't it be great if we could easily access that part of ourselves at any time? You bet, yet it just doesn’t seem to happen that way most of the time.

Instead, most of the time we get caught up and lost in the mind and its judgments. Those judgments tend to drag us into the frustration and unhappiness we experience so often in life. That unhappiness comes from the past or the future. It never comes from the present moment. In the Present Moment, there is no judgment, only acceptance, love, peace and joy.

Before you get the wrong idea and think that you must always be present, that is not the case. It's important to use your mind for all those things you must take care of in life. You do have to work, pay bills, make sure that you and your loved ones are cared for and safe. It is, however, important to remember when to disengage from the mind and return to Presence. Most of us get caught up in unconsciousnes and our purpose is to help you become more aware so you can let go and live in the Present Moment more often.