What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is actually quite simple and effortless.

Each of us go into “hypnosis” every day at one time or another. It is that state of mind where you disconnect from your thinking mind and you're just there. A good example is when you’re standing in line at the bank and your mind goes into “neutral” and the next thing you know, someone says "Next" and it catches you completely by surprise. Or as you pull into your driveway after driving home from work and you don't remember how you actually got there. Those are light states of hypnosis.

When we use hypnosis, we speak directly to the subconscious and unconscious levels of mind and instill new thoughts and ideas through direct suggestions or other means, like age regression. To do this, we set the conscious mind aside and speak directly to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is innocent, like a three year old, and will accept just about any suggestion given to it, especially if it will improve your life. The subconscious mind is like your body's computer operating system. Once a suggestion is given to and accepted by the subconscious mind, it will follow the directions in that suggestion until a new suggestion is given to it.

Hypnosis can be used to help you stop smoking, lose weight, end anxiety and stress, end performance anxiety or fear of public speaking. It can also be used for much deeper work like finding out why you act in certain ways that doesn’t serve you, like addictions or other aberrant behavior. It will help you bring about change in your life so you no longer act out in a negtive way.

There are other uses for Hypnosis beyond age regressions and past life regressions that can bring about positive changes in your life. There are even techniques for using Hypnosis to change internal bodily functions and to help you heal your body more efficiently before, during and after surgery.

We use Hypnosis to help others bring about change in their lives that they can’t or won’t consciously do for themselves. We also use it to assist others in learning how to live in the Present Moment. We do that by helping you remember to be more conscious of your every action and choice and make better choices and be more Present more of the time.


National Guild of Hypnotists

National Guild of Hypnotists

Ted is a Board Certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and has been a member since 1999. The NGH is a not-for-profit, educational corporation and is the largest hypnosis body in the world. The NGH was officially founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1950. The Guild is a professional organization committed to advancing the field of hypnotism.

Ted teaches at the Summer Institute of the National Guild each year. Ted has also been inducted to the NGH's Order of Braid in recognition of his service to professional hypnotism and significant contribution to the hypnosis profession.

Individual Session

We offer hypnosis sessions to help you with your individual issues. Contact us at 516-248-6600 to schedule an appointment today.

Introducing the Simpson Protocol for Practicing Hypnotists

The Simpson Protocol

The Simpson Protocol represents a paradigm shift in hypnosis

It is the first time that hypnotists can interactively communicate with clients while in the deepest levels of hypnosis. This is a huge breakthrough!

This instructional program consists of 2 DVDs and an extensive instructional manual. The DVDs take you through the entire protocol step-by-step. Each chapter explains and, more importantly, shows you how to do the Simpson Protocol. It has an in-depth explanation of how the Protocol evolved and how it works, as well as complete videos of how to do each step of the process. It shows you exactly how to get the client into the Esdaile State and how to set-up ideomotor responses in order for the client to effectively communicate while in Esdaile. It also shows you how the precise questions should be asked to elicit responses from the deepest parts of the mind.

The Instructional Videos also teach EFT, a meridian based system which completely removes the blockages in your chi that prevents you from making changes in your life. EFT is used in this system to allow the client to remove their resistance to change and to condition the the client to get to the Esdaile State more easily and effectively.