You CAN Change!  Removing Resistance to Change

You CAN Change, Overcoming Resistance to Change

Overcoming Resistance to Change Workshop and Video Shoot
Sunday, May 7th
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

We are holding a workshop as a companion to our newest audio program, You CAN Change - Overcoming Resistance to Change, to be held at the Center for Inner Healing. We will be using Emotional Freedom Technique and we will be tapping out the resistance to change most people consider normal in their lives.  We consider Overcoming Resistance to Change perhaps THE most important thing that everyone needs to do and almost nobody does it – yet!




We will lead all participants through variations of our Resistance to Change tapping to help everyone participating in the workshop.  That will leave you ready for change so you can choose to do whatever you want to do in your life - successfully.  Remember, the only way any of us grow is by changing.

The workshop is an afternoon of EFT and the cost is $35. (which is lower than normal because we’re shooting the event – only Ted’s face will be shown on the video along with your voices in a group).  You will also receive the companion audio program, valued at $49.95!  The workshop will more than pay for itself and you will leave your Resistance to Change behind!