Wednesday Evening Borrowing Benefits Group

7:00 PM TO 9:00 PM


Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, discovered that as a group tapped together on another person’s problem, the strength and intensity of their own personal issues decreased, even when saying the other person’s words. In effect, they were able to “borrow” the benefits of the other person’s personal clearing!

Generally, the first "tap" of the evening is a round of "Resistance to Change." We acknowledge that we have resistance to change within us and we tell the subconscious mind that, although it has this resistance (remember, emotions such as resistance are based in fear and they reside in the subconscious) the conscious mind (which is saying the words) “accepts” it and “loves” it or recognizes it is “doing the best it can.” We find that removing this resistance allows us to make substantial changes in our lives.

After the Resistance round, we do our best to have every participant have a chance to tap through their issues, be it emotional or physical. We have dealt with sexual abuse, being triggered by parents and other loved ones, being abandoned and betrayed, and more. We then reframe the issue towards forgiveness, compassion and ultimately Presence.

You are invited to tap along with the issues and substitute your particular issue when the moderator, Ted Robinson, says "say your words" during the sequences. Make sure to set your SUDS ahead of time, so you can see how well you progress with your issue.

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The cost is $20 and is payable at the door. You can purchase a bundle of six (6) group sessions for $100 or a bundle of 10 for $150. Prepaid session but they must be used consistently on a weekly basis within six months of the date of purchase or they expire.

Wednesday Night Borrowing Benefits Group