What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses acupressure, which is like acupuncture without the needles.

EFT is based upon the meridian system, a series of pathways that carry life-force energy called “Chi” to every part of the body and mind. When those pathways become blocked (similar to a drinking straw with a little milk left in the middle of it) due to trauma of one kind or another (physical, emotional or chemical), it can result in negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, pain and aberrant behavior.

EFT works effectively to eliminate those negative feelings by using a simple “tapping” procedure done with the fingers while focusing on each negative issue or pain. It is easy to learn and can be done on yourself and others very effectively with just a little practice. Click below to see our Illustrated Manual and Instruction Video. You can also download and print our easy reference, EFT on a page here.

EFT is one of the most effective healing techniques without any adverse side effects that you can use today. It will often work for you when nothing else will.  It can relieve your chronic pain or eliminate anxiety and stress.  It also works well to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and all kinds of phobias.

Illustrated Manual and Video Tutorial

Introduction to EFT

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Wednesday Evening
Borrowing Benefits Group

Our EFT Borrowing Benefits Group meets EVERY Wednesday night at the Center, 7pm to 9pm. We work on each person's issues together in a healing, supportive and friendly environment.

Cost is $20 per session, but no one is turned away because of money.

What Does EFT Feel Like?


You use a gentle tapping technique to do EFT. You gently tap with the first two fingers of your dominant hand on the various access points (meridian access points) starting at the top of the head, around the eyes and mouth, collar bones, and more, as you talk about your issues, using negative words that describe how you feel. You will be eliminating those negative beliefs and issues with EFT.


Sometimes, people object to saying anything negative to their subconscious mind, fearing that it will seize upon the negative thought and internalize it.  That is not the case with EFT because you are simultaneously tapping the access points and eliminating the blockage in the meridians that caused the negativity in the first place. You are eliminating the negative thought rather than infusing it to your subconscious mind.


We offer full day workshops to teach you how to do Emotional Freedom Technique. Please visit our Events page to find out when classes will be held.