Living in Presence

Your mind is naturally silent and still. A state where all knowing is accessible and fears drop away.

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EFT is one of the most effective healing techniques you can use today and it will often work for you when nothing else will.

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Simple and effortless.  Instill new thoughts and ideas that can bring about positive changes in your life.

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Weekly EFT Borrrowing Benefits Group, workshops, seminars and private consultations.

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We believe that everyone is in exactly the right place for themselves at this point in time. We honor wherever they are right now. Each and every person is perfect in the eyes of God and we will never substitute our judgment for that of God. We start from that perspective and go forward from there.

All healing is ultimately a spiritual experience. If the spirit is impaired, the body will follow. The mind falls into the same pattern. When we address the spirit through the energetic channels of the body and the subconscious mind, we help re-balance the body and mind and restore it to vibrant health. We find that the greatest problem for most of our clients is that they are unaware of what is actually going on in their lives. They get so wrapped up in "doing" and "going" that they forget about "Being." Our approach is that each of us will be a lot better off if we can simply "Be Here Now." Find out more about Presence by clicking here.

We use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Hypnosis to help people eliminate all they are not so they can become all that they are. EFT and hypnosis will help clear negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs and aberrant behaviors like addictions, fears and anger so you can return to being Present.

What is Presence?

Living in the Present Moment Through Emotional Freedom Technique


When you are present, your mind is naturally silent and still. Once you are present, you realize everything is peaceful, calm, quiet and still. Everything in sight is part of God’s world and becomes more interesting and colorful than you previously noticed. It is a state where all knowing is accessible to you and all fear drops away.


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latest news

Mid-America Hypnosis Conference

October 21st - 23rd, 2016
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northbrook, IL

Ted will be teaching two classes, Learning to Live in the Present Moment and The Ultimate Purpose of Hypnosis, at the Conference on Sunday, October 23rd.


Canadian Hypnosis Conference

October 28th - 30th, 2016
Burlington, Ontario CANADA

Ted will be back at the CHC this year and he will be presenting two workshops, Power Outcomes and Hypno-Scan Healing.


Inner Healing Press

A breakthrough audio program that takes you deeper and faster into a state of complete relaxation in order to enter a deep state of sleep and to heal your body naturally.

This self-hypnosis audio program takes you to the deepest levels of hypnosis to help you heal your body and mind at the quantum level of healing.

Specifically designed to help you prepare for surgery by reducing stress, relaxing your body during surgery and helping you recover faster after surgery.

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